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Clariflocculator is a combination of flocculation and clarification in a single tank. It has two concentric tanks where inner tank serves as a flocculation basin and the outer tank serves as a clarifier. 

The clariflocculation is a chemical and physical water treatment process and it mainly consists in the removal of suspended substances. Its application is in the water treatment of surface water, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, filtration pre-treatment, Reverse Osmosis, both in the municipal and industrial sectors.
The clariflocculation allows the removal of organic compounds, sedimenting particles and heavy metals. 

The clariflocculation process is a traditional and consolidated treatment. The sequence of operations sedimentation-precipitation-coagulation-flocculation is the most common technique used in the world for the production of potable water. The process requires low costs for high volumes of purified water. It is a reliable process suitable for automatic control.

Application Areas

  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Primary Treatment in ETP
  • Heavy Metal Removal

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