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Lamella Clarifier

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Lamella Clarifier

Remove sediment from wastewater reliably and effectively, using up to 90% less footprint than conventional technologies.
The Lamella Plate Clarifier is a primary clarification device used to treat sewage and industrial waste streams and requires up to 90% less space when compared to a traditional settling tank.
Lamella clarifier (also lamella separator, lamella thickener) is used to separate sedimentable solid (sedimentable particles) from liquids.
In general, particles larger than approx. 50┬Ám (and of higher density than the liquid) can be separated by sedimentation. Particles of smaller size can be separated using coagulation aids.


  • Space requirement can be reduced by up to 90% when compared with a settlement tank
  • Unique, patented flow control system increases reliability
  • Up to 10 m2 of settling area per square metre of ground area
  • Supplied as a complete unit for easy installation
  • Available in standard and site-specific versions
  • Minimal operating and maintenance costs


  • Primary clarification of wastewater 
  • Wash water recirculation systems (such as potato and root crop processing)
  • Wet scrubber and slaking effluents in the power industry
  • Thickening processes in the chemical, mining and mineral industries
  • Treatment of effluents in metal finishing, and iron and steel plants

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